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Yachts and Boats fractional ownership, timeshare and exchange programs are excellent alternatives to charters or full-time ownership. In the case of fractional ownership, the benefits of owning are retained while paying only a fraction of the cost. Think of it as a luxury timeshare on the water. Whether you want to own a powerboat or a sailboat to use for getaways, vacations or business entertainment, you can have the "good life" for less.

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You can play smarter... spend less... and get more. Fractional ownership is growing quickly in the yacht market because it provides the greatest value to most customers. For the same expenditure you might spend to own an asset alone, you can double, triple even quadruple the size and quality of your asset by partnering. And since you are also splitting on-going expenses you will still end up spending a lot less.  And, by retaining professional third-party management services, politics and partner interaction is minimized.

So whether you're an experienced yachtsman looking for an alternative to full-time ownership; a businessman looking for an investment that fulfills business and family entertainment requirements; or a frequent charterer who may not yet be ready to make the leap to full ownership, sharing your yacht with other people may be the way to go.

If you are already a boat owner, boat exchange opens a whole new world that offers both control and flexibility. Yacht, sailboat and powerboat owners can swap their boats with other owners and vacation in different areas of California, the U.S. or the world.  Want to stay with your boat? That’s an alternative that many yacht owners prefer and is one more reason why a boat exchange may be right for you.

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