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Driving Distances in CaliforniaCalifornia is a huge state -- larger than many countries.  So, if you're going to be driving in California, you'll want to know the driving distance between California cities. When you know the driving distances between cities, you can estimate the time required and plan your itinerary and your stops accordingly. 

For instance, to drive the length of California, along Interstate 5 (from the Oregon border to the Mexican border), you'd travel approximately 800 miles (2,387 kilometers), and it would take at least 15 hours with little traffic (highly unusual).  The State of California has 58 counties; 478 cities; and approximately 118 cities with beaches on its 1,000+ miles of coastline that runs along the Pacific Ocean.

Free Driving Distance Travel Tools:  For your convenience, we've provided two travel planning tools below: A "Driving Distance Chart" with distances between major California cities,  and a "Driving Distance Map" showing distances between even more cities in California.  These will help you estimate the driving distances between the cities you're planning to visit, so you can schedule your time and arrange your stops accordingly.

To Purchase California Maps: Depending on your travel plans, you may want to purchase particular California maps.  You can CLICK HERE to checkout the options or to purchase the exact California maps you want.  At today's prices, the cost of the books is only 2-4 gallons of gas... so we always find them to be well worth the price.  It's easy to burn-up a lot of money when you're driving around lost!  For your convenience, we've also highlighted four of our favorite map books below. 

Another resource we recommend is MAPS.com (click link below). They have a great selection of California road maps and California city maps. Our visitors will receive a discount of 5% off ALL orders and 10% off on large orders! 

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