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California Villa Rentals and Vacation Homes

Looking for holiday villas in California?  Then welcome to Villa Marine Lifestyles California, the perfect site for finding private villa rentals in California as well as lovely vacation home rentals.  Here you will find villas to rent or buy to suit all budgets -- from modest cabins... to inexpensive villas... to lovely homes... to luxury villas in California.

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About Holiday Villas in California and Vacation Homes

To view our selection of California villa rentals and vacation homes, please click on the Region name in the left-hand column of the chart above. 

Since California is such a huge state, it is divided into 12 Regions for purposes of travel and tourism.  You'll find most tourist information organized according to the Regions.  It may help you to consult the Regions Map above.  Also, if you're planning to visit a particular city, but are not sure which Region it's located in, you can consult our handy City Index - Region Locations.  If you'd like, you can learn more about each of California's 12 Regions by going here.

California, a land of exquisite natural beauty, has an abundance of luxury hotels and resorts.  However, more and more people are opting for holiday villas in California in order to maintain a level of privacy and serenity for their holiday tours.

One can enjoy state-of-the-art amenities in these villas, which is one of the reasons that the popularity of villa rental in California is increasing rapidly. You can enjoy the flavor of the scrumptious California cuisine or bask in the warmth of sunshine by spending your holidays in a California Villa.

If you want to gather more information about villa rental in California or -- more importantly, villa sales -- you may even want to contact a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the ins-and-outs of this market. The pricing of holiday villas in California may vary depending upon factors such as size, location, amenities and season.  

A large range of holiday villas to rent in California can be found in and around some popular tourist destinations. First, select the region where you want to spend your upcoming holidays in California.  After that, you can compare the rent and amenities of different California holiday villas. With minimal effort, you can easily find a holiday California villa that suits both your budget and requirements.

You can delve deep into the rich historical background of California or enjoy the breathtaking beauty of California's scenery without putting your financial condition at a stake. If you have a tight budget, you need not worry at all... because you can enjoy cheap holidays in California by opting for budget villa rental.  A tourist can experience the comfort and the conveniences of luxury hotels even in a lower- priced rented California Villa.

There are numerous famous and luxurious hotels in California. However, if you want to spend your holidays with a bit of privacy, in a place, which is removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, you should look for villa rentals in California. Villa rental in California will help you relax and enjoy the enthralling surroundings of California.   

Hiring villas in California has become popular among retired people who want to spend the rest of their lives in the lap of nature. As California is favored with a pleasant climate and offers modern facilities to tourists, its property market is also attractive to foreign investors. A person can gather quite a lot of information about a holiday villa in California by searching in the Internet. You can search in a California property directory for executing this task.

A villa must provide some basic facilities, without which your holiday in California would lose all its charm. This is the reason why one should make a plan before hand. You can search in Villa Marine Lifestyles California if you want to gather more information on villa rental in California.

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