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  At 282' below sea level, where is the lowest, hottest point in North America? Badwater Basin in Death Valley, CA Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park (Death Valley, CA) - Hottest, Driest, Lowest! Death Valley is a land of extremes.  It is a desert of pristine sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multi-colored rock layers, fluted canyons and 3 million acres of stone wilderness.   Badwater Basin, the lowest, hottest point in both North America and the entire Western Hemisphere (282' below sea level), is located in Death Valley - just 80 miles from Mt. Whitney (in Sequoia National Park), the highest peak in the continental US. Many of the features in Death Valley remind us of the troubles and misfortunes endured by the pioneers who first traversed and mined this region during last half of the 1800's. But today, you might be surprised to find unparalleled beauty - amazingly colorful rock formations and canyons; miles of fascinating sand dunes; unique salt features; and a wide range of wildlife. 

You might be interested in this Death Valley temperature chart, which will give you daily average temperatures throughout the year.

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