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Our Visitors NEED... Exactly What You're Selling! 

Advertise Now - Reach Your Target Customer!Most Cost-Effective Way to Reach Your "Target Market!" 

  • Cost-Effective -- Advertising on VML California reaches your "target market" much more cost-effectively than traditional marketing -- because of the single-minded focus of our visitors.

  • Reach Your Target Market -- You'll reach engaged, targeted customers who NEED to buy the products or services you're selling!  That's the very reason visitors are on our site.  They're shopping -- just deciding WHERE to buy what they want!

  • Steady Flow of Customers -- Advertising on VML California delivers a steady flow of customers to buy your products and services! 

Keep Advertising - Boost Your SalesKeep-on Advertising!  The Competition Is!

  • Keep-on Advertising -- Now, more than ever... We need to keep-on advertising!  Advertising is the ONLY WAY to keep a steady stream of customers... to maintain or increase sales. 

  • The Competition Is Advertising! -- And who can afford to lose customers to their competition?

How Do I Advertise on VML California?

1. Click on the "Advertising Portfolio" that's appropriate for your business (see chart below).  
2. Select the features and pricing level that best suit your needs.
3. Follow the simple steps for placing your ad.

4. Call us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in any way!  We're here to help you!  Call toll-free 800-874-2660.


Get Advertising Details

Get Advertising Details

Get Advertising Details
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Search Engines we use
to give your ads
maximum exposure!

Search Engines used for maximum exposure!

Villa Marine Lifestyles California  works hard with its advertising agencies and search engine optimizers to give your ads maximum exposure by being prominent in portals such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.

Villa Marine Lifestyles California
is also listed on the Top International Yachting and Property Directories.

With your ad, you enjoy your own URL link that directs visitors back to your own website where you can give them your portfolio of products or services, making them available to thousands of potential customers worldwide.

Our friendly customer service team is available to help you at:

           (800) 874-2660










2) Your customized ad + our enthusiastic write-up ensure that buyers will select YOU over your competitors!   

High visibility plus our personal recommendation make YOU a HUGE STAND-OUT OVER "non-advertisers!" 

Click to see the difference between our Advertisers (i.e. "American Pride" & "Newport Landing")... versus the other "Non-Advertisers!" Which activities do you think visitors will choose?

3) Your ad on VML California includes:

A)  Detailed and Enthusiastic Write-up by VML Editors!
B)  VML Editors' "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" designation!
C)  Top-of-List Placement!

D)  Multiple Pictures & Links!
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Limited Time

Limited Time

Limited Time

      *Normally $49/mo     

   *Normally $99/mo

   *Normally $149/mo

       *Ad Includes:    *Ad Includes:     *Ad Includes:

       *1 Picture                   

   *5 Pictures         

    *9 Pictures

       *1 Write-up                  

   *5 Write-ups   

    *9 Write-ups

       *Company Logo

   *Company Logo 

    *Company Logo

       *Link to YOUR website

   *Link to YOUR website 

    *Link to YOUR website

       *Direct Email Link

   *Direct Email Link

    *Direct Email Link


TO PLACE YOUR FREE ADS click here and follow the 7 simple steps.  We're eager to help, so please call us toll-free 800-874-2660 or email info@vmlca.com.    
  • Risk-free!   No charges!  No credit cards!  No obligation!
  • You'll be emailed your own unique Password.
  • You can manage and edit your ads 24/7.
  • Free Ads will run for a minimum of 90 days.
  • You can continue your ads at Low Introductory Rates
  • Volume Rates are available.  Call or email for details.


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