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A Letter from your VML California Editors...

Hello Fellow Travelers! 

As the owners and editors of Villa Marine California, we'd like to introduce ourselves to you... and let you know just exactly why we're committed to making Villa Marine Lifestyles California the best possible website for helping travelers create "the California vacations of their dreams!"

For starters, we're both veteran California travelers and long-time residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

And the Villa Marine Lifestyles California website isn't "just business" for us... It's personal!  Because of our passion for travel... and our heartfelt admiration for this truly incredible state of California, we've been inspired and motivated to share the vast stockpile of knowledge we've accumulated (through our own personal experiences) with our fellow California travelers... hopefully, to make YOUR planning easier and YOUR vacation more enjoyable! 

Over the years, we've vacationed from one end of California to the other -- from the North Coast redwood forests... to the Death Valley desert... to the San Diego beaches.  We've traveled in high style... and we've traveled on a shoestring budget.  We've done the "family vacation thing" (with our 4 kids) and taken extended road trips as well as weekend getaways as a couple.  We love the outdoors -- hiking, biking, boating, camping, water skiing, snow skiing, golf, beaches, swimming and photography.   We also love museums, zoos, theme parks and dining out!  And we especially love being on-the-go and trying new things!

So when we talk about California vacations... we're not just relating something we read about in some travel magazine... We know from first-hand experience... We're talking "been there, done that!"   

In a sense, the Villa Marine Lifestyles California website is our way of "giving back."  We've been lucky enough to be able to retire a little early from the "corporate world," so we now have the time to devote to a new project.  Because of our passion for California travel, the website seemed like "a natural."

We definitely KNOW the resources people need to create "the vacation of their dreams!"  So, we hope we can help you out -- and save you some hassles along the way!  Perhaps the lessons we learned (through the school of hard-knocks) will make YOUR journey a little bit easier -- and will serve to enhance your vacation experience.   

Most of all... Our wish for you is that traveling in California will enrich your life greatly (as it has ours) -- and that it will give you a true sense of awe and admiration for the many gifts this magnificent state has to offer! 

Happy Travels!
Beth & Bill

P.S. Since our sole mission is to provide YOU with the best... the most complete... and the most useful resources... our website is always a "work in progress!"  And your feedback is most valuable because it enables us to serve you better! 

So, if you have comments or suggestions -- or if there are topics you'd like us to research for you -- please take a minute to let us know what you want!  We're eager to be of service!

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Villa Marine Lifestyles California
442 Diablo Road, Suite 176
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